Prioritize & Execute

Start with a Risk Assessment, and it will be perfectly clear what to start with...
What should you focus on when there are new threats every single day?

Tips for Passwords

Use long complex passwords (12 characters or more). Don't use dictionary words. Don't use the same password on different sites. So the password for facebook isn't the same password for your bank, your email account, your password at work, etc. Use a password manager, such as LastPass. Because it's impossible to remember long complex and unique passwords for every site

Tips for email

Don't click on hyperlinks in emails. Don't open attachments if you weren't expecting them. Don't trust email coming from your friends. Their email account may have just been compromised. Since you are one of their contact you, and everyone they know, are the next targets.

  • 66% of malware is installed from users clicking things in emails

  • 61% of companies that are breached, have less than 1000 employees

  • 81% are weak or stolen passwords

  • Usually, no where near enough...

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