Command Examples with npm

Go to to get npm. npm -l npm adduser npm bin npm bin -g npm config set <key> <value> npm config get [<key>] npm config delete <key> npm config list npm config ls -l npm config edit npm set <key> <value> npm get [<key>] npm dedupe [pkg pkg…] npm deprecate <pkg>[@<version>] <message> npm docs Read more about Command Examples with npm[…]

Trusted Root Certificates

My MacBook Pro is running OS X 10.10.3 and has 204 “trusted” root certificates its keychain.  I personally don’t trust most of them and neither should you.  A lot of malware is signed with some of these “trusted” root certs due to either compromise or negligence.  Un-trusting these root certs will alert you when something Read more about Trusted Root Certificates[…]