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My Application Security Notes

When creating web applications these days security must come first.  Building the application without security and then attempting to retrofit it with security after the fact is a fruitless exercise.  There will always be an excuse from upper management that it isn’t a high enough priority to secure it properly, “just fix the worst vulnerabilities and quickly Read more about My Application Security Notes[…]

Command Examples with npm

Go to to get npm. npm -l npm adduser npm bin npm bin -g npm config set <key> <value> npm config get [<key>] npm config delete <key> npm config list npm config ls -l npm config edit npm set <key> <value> npm get [<key>] npm dedupe [pkg pkg…] npm deprecate <pkg>[@<version>] <message> npm docs Read more about Command Examples with npm[…]

Using MapKit with Swift to Show Current Location

There are many publications out there describing how to use Xcode to build navigation applications for Apple iOS using Objective-C. Due to how young Swift is, there are far fewer answers to be found if you’re googling for answers. Here’s a real quick way to get up and going with MapKit, CoreLocation, and Swift… The Read more about Using MapKit with Swift to Show Current Location[…]

Specific Selection on the Xcode Storyboard

Often there will be times while working on a View in the storyboard, when you are trying to select an element but some other element is in the way.  For instance, I’m trying to select the entire view, but this button is in the way.  By using control+shift and then clicking, a menu pops up and Read more about Specific Selection on the Xcode Storyboard[…]