November 30, 2021

RDP into Kali on AWS

There are numerous articles on installing Kali, so I’ll skip over that. Once you have SSH access to Kali, you can set it up for RDP since some tools are designed for the GUI. Here’s the steps that I took to get RDP going in AWS.

Update first, turn on xrdp, edit the config files start the service
You will need to add a password to the ec2-user, in order to login
I’ve been getting this bundler error every time I install the 2020 versions of Kali. My guess is it’s because there is something specific about the older version of bundler 1.17.3 that msfconsole requires.
gem install bundler:1.17.3
If you forget to initialize the database, you will be warned about it.
msfdb init

After all that you should be good to go. One thing that I was disappointed with was the (too slow to be useful) performance of the GUI interface. I left the default max_bpp=32 value in the xrdp.ini file. Setting max_bpp=16 didn’t seem to help much either

This is the second time logging into this new Kali machine, but this is the first time seeing this screen
Stuck at blank screen for a while. Eventually it opened up the desktop.
Up and running, and it’s in full 4K on my monitor. It’s a little laggy because of it, but over all not bad.