October 16, 2021


Getting Armitage up an running on Kali Linux 2 didn’t work straight away.  I had to do an apt-get update and a apt-get upgrade from the command line in a Terminal session before it would fire up.


Start by opening up a Terminal session (step 1).  Now, postgresql must be started since Kali by default doesn’t start services on startup.  Type service postgresql start (step 2).  Once the database is started, click the Armitage icon (step 3).  Next, click the Connect button when the pre-populated window presents itself (step 4).  If Metaasploit hasn’t been started, it will ask you if it can start it for you, click the Yes button (step 5).  Next you will see the Progress window.  If might have a Connection refused message on it, but somehow it manages to work anyway.


If all goes well you should see a screen like this: