May 26, 2020

About Gingsoft

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Who We Are

Gingsoft is a Nocturnal IT Support company based in the Louisville Kentucky area.  It is owned and operated by veterans of the US Military, and was founded by Grant Stokley.  Gingsoft works with small companies and entrepreneurs after the customary working hours of corporate America.  We do this because our staff members are maintaining existing day jobs and our free time is after hours.  This has an advantage, not only for our staff, but for our customers.  It massively reduces our operating costs for things such as healthcare and retirement since that is paid for by our daytime employers.  In other companies, that extra operating overhead cost is typically passed onto the customer, since customers are where the money comes from.  Since Gingsoft doesn’t have that overhead, our customers pay a lot less for our services than they would with a typical IT support company.  Paying for cyber security, network support, server support, and software development are usually beyond the reach of small businesses and entrepreneurs.  They know that they need it, but they just can’t afford it.  Gingsoft can help you get past that obstacle.

What We Do

We have various careers that we go to during the day.  We hold titles such as System Administrator, Network Engineer, Information Security Consultant, Enterprise Architect, etc.  After we leave those day jobs, we share our expertise with people who can use it, but we do so at night.  Our customers enjoy not having to employ full-time employees and pay for healthcare benefits.

Working at night gives you the benefit of being able to take mission critical systems offline (for maintenance, upgrades, t-shooting, etc.) without affecting your daytime employees.

How to Make Contact

You can call a leave a message at 502.233.2020 and we will return the call quickly.  Thanks to the invention of telemarketing, we no longer answer the phone if we don’t recognize the number.  We also receive email at

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  1. Gingsoft mostly operates on nights and weekends. But on special projects and support levels, Gingsoft will work during the normal business hours either remotely or onsite. Remotely happens a lot more frequently than on site because the turn around time is much less. If Gingsoft can get a VPN connection to the customers network, support is much quicker.

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