September 26, 2021

DRED 203 – Hotel Rooms (draft)


  • Topic DRED 203.1 – Room Selection
  • Topic DRED 203.2 – Hotel Wifi

DRED 203.1 – Room Selection

  • RULE : Hotels are notoriously insecure locations.
  • RULE : In third-world nations there are special rooms in the hotels that they secretly reserve for Americans.  Those rooms have special surveillance gear installed to gather intelligence from Americans who stay there.  Assume every room is being monitored.
  • RULE : Change hotels frequently.  This way it provides less time for anyone to mount a well crafted attack.
  • RULE : Safest rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Any higher than that and the fire department and first responders will have greater difficulty getting to you.
  • RULE : Always avoid the 1st floor since it’s the most susceptible to physical attacks from all directions on the ground.
  • RULE : Whichever floor you are on if you are too close the stairwell, you are more susceptible to abductions.
  • RULE : If you are too far away from the stairwells and elevators then you are at a disadvantage from a speedy get away perspective.

DRED 203.2 – Hotel Wifi

  • RULE : Hotel Wifi is riddled with hackers and criminal organizations, stay off of it.
  • RULE : If you require the Internet for a laptop, use your mobile phone’s personal hotspot function to share the connection.  But before you share the connection, you must Password protect it.  Otherwise, the rooms nearby will be able to attack your laptop.