October 8, 2017

DerbyCon Videos

Had a great time at DerbyCon VII this year. I’ve been in the industry for a while now, and I still learn really cool techniques here.  I had fun and learned a lot.  Not to mention Dual Core was here again!!!  Below are all of the videos that Adrian Crenshaw recorded, all clicks will go to irongeek.com




Penetration Testing and Red Teams

Threat Hunting and Blue Teams

Microsoft Windows and Active Directory

Wifi, Bluetooth, and Mobile

Web Applications and AppSec

Command and Control

Physical Security

IoT and Home Automation

Hacker Tools

Creating Malware

Reverse Engineering Malware

Virtual Machine Escape



AI and Machine Learning


Cyber Terrorism and Hacktivism

Block Chains and Crypto Currency



Giving Presentations

Reuben Paul – Smart toys ain’t that Smart, when Insecure!

Lsly – Out With the Old, In With the GNU

Sean Metcalf and Nick Carr – The Current State of Security, an Improv-spection


Patrick Coble – Hacking VDI, Recon and Attack Methods

Sarah Norris – Phishing for You and Your Grandma!

Matt Scheurer – Regular Expressions (Regex) Overview

Still Don’t know

Paul Asadoorian – Everything I Need To Know About Security I Learned From Watching Kung Fu Movies

Evil_Mog and Renderman – How to safely conduct shenanigans

Jenny Maresca – Personalities disorders in the infosec community